Why Choose Natural Stone

Like Salado, natural stone is honest and enduring. When choosing natural stone from Salado, you’ll be assured it is:

  • Unique: We offer limestone and sandstone from a variety of quarries. Each layer in every quarry is different, reflecting how the stone was formed over millions of years in the earth. This gives designers extraordinary choice that can’t be duplicated in artificial stone. 
  • Durable: Natural stone has a durability not found in other building materials. Stone buildings and monuments endure through the ages, providing continuity and a connection to the past, as well as conveying confidence in the future. 
  • Authentic: There is an emotional element to working with a natural material of such inherent beauty, integrity and variety. In the hands of a skilled designer or craftsperson, stone shows its worth as a one-of-a-kind building material. 
  • A green building choice: As a naturally-occurring material, it is readily available, has no off-gases to impair indoor air quality, has high thermal capacitance, and boasts remarkable durability that results in low maintenance and structural permanence. 
  • An excellent value: Thanks to our advancing quarrying and processing technology, natural stone is more affordable than ever. Add to that its longevity, stability, permanence, and ease of maintenance, and you’ll see the value of natural stone goes far beyond the initial cost.

Product Comparison

Characteristics Natural Thin Veneer Full Thickness Veneer Manmade Concrete Veneer
Color Availability Natural tones and hues, no unnatural reproductions Natural tones and hues, no unnatural reproductions Predictable manufactured colors, unpredictable consistency
Material Composition Entirely natural stone Entirely natural stone Cement, oxide colors, various aggregates and other chemicals
Long-Lasting/ Durability New application of proven material Proven over centuries Short history, warranties are needed to promote product
Design Flexibility Allows creative and custom patterns Allows creative and custom patterns Defined and predictable patterns, limited to number of molds
Product Availability Abundant Abundant Limited to cement and geographic availability
Color Durability Maintained through life of product Maintained through life of product Prone to fading over time