At Salado, we do it right, or we make it right. You can depend on us for on-time delivery and, thanks to our innovative order tracking process, packaging, and efficient material handling, your order will arrive when and as expected.

We ship our stone coast to coast in the continental U.S. working with both commercial trucking carriers and shippers using containers via rail.

  • Although we do not maintain our own fleet of trucks, we do have strong relationships with many carriers and can help arrange shipping for you.
  • Alternately, if you have your own trucks or a transportation company you wish to work with, we are glad to coordinate with you and/or your preferred vendor.

Estimating shipments or number of loads: Whether bulk or palletized, a typical truck leaving our quarries can carry approximately 24 tons of product. Size of pieces or packaging can impact this number. Examples:

  • Natural Thin Veneer Stone – approx. 4,000 sq. ft. per truckload
  • Full Bed Depth (3-5” thick) Stone – approx. 950 sq. ft. per truckload
  • 2’ x 2’ x 5’ quarry blocks – 14-16 per truckload

Commercial pick-up is available at our Florence, Lometa, Lueders and San Saba, TX locations.