Thin Stone Veneer

Advantages of Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Natural Thin Stone Veneer has all the wonderful qualities of real stone—except the weight, which is better for shipping and on the job site.

Thin Stone Veneer:

  • is as easy to install as tile or manmade products.
  • is quicker to install in many applications.
  • can be used for interiors or exteriors.
  • expands application possibility with no concerns about the weather.
  • is more affordable than full depth stone, both in terms of material cost and shipping (since it is lighter in weight).
  • is a higher quality choice than manufactured stone veneer products.

Offering flexibility in installation, Thin Stone Veneer can be used:

  • for remodeling projects without the need for structural support than regular building stone requires.
  • with a narrow ledge or no ledge.
  • without footings.
  • where there are construction or code restrictions relating to weight or height.
  • for interior applications where more usable space is desired and can be produced by reducing the thickness of the wall.
  • over many existing rigid building materials to transform brick, wood, concrete or other surfaces into beautiful stone finishes. It adheres to masonry surfaces, concrete, plywood, paneling, dry wall or metal.
  • to achieve a ‘drystack’ look.

Salado's Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Our Natural Thin Stone Veneer starts with the same high quality, full thickness, all-natural building stone, then we use special diamond-bladed saws to cut off the outside layer of both flat and corner shapes to produce real natural thin veneer stone at a real value.

This produces veneers with nominal thicknesses of 1.25 to 1.5 inches at an average weight of 10 to 15 lbs./sq.ft. (depending on stone selection), compared to full veneer, which is typically 3 to 5 inches thick with an average weight of 45-50 lbs./sq. ft. Recent breakthroughs in stone manufacturing technology also enables us to create 90 degree corner pieces. Using these pieces gives you the benefit of using real natural thin stone, while preserving the appearance of full thickness veneer.

Coverage: 12-15 lbs./sq. ft. typical weight per square foot

Natural Stone Veneer vs. Manmade Concrete Veneer

Characteristics Natural Thin Veneer Full Thickness/Bed Depth Veneer Manmade Concrete Veneer
Color availability Natural tones and hues, no unnatural reproductions Natural tones and hues, no unnatural reproductions Predictable manufacture colors; unpredictable consistency
Composition Entirely natural stone Entirely natural stone Cement, oxide colors, various aggregates and other chemicals
Durability New application of proven material Proven over centuries Short history, warranties needed to promote product, tendency to wear over time
Design flexibility Allows creative and custom patterns Allows creative and custom patterns Define and predictable patterns; limited to number of molds
Availability Abundant Abundant Limited to cement and geographic availability
Color Maintained throughout life of the product Maintained throughout life of the product Prone to fading over time



 This is a close-up of manmade concrete veneer installed in a shopping center. It was taken approximately six months after the center opened, but already shows damage from shopping carts hitting the veneer and exposing the base material. In this case, beauty IS only skin deep—unlike Natural Stone Veneer, which never will show this type of wear.