Crushed Stone
Crushin’ it


All projects start with the perfect base.

Made of high-quality stone from our Lueders Limestone reserves, our crushed stone is excellent for road base, fill material, or creating a foundation for construction projects.


We understand that our client’s time is valuable, so we make it a priority to move our trucks in and out as quickly as possible.

For the larger projects, we’re able to prepare larger quantities of stone to meet your needs. The base is made of high quality stone from our Lueders Limestone reserves, which is the same reserve that yields highly desirable building stone known throughout the U.S.

Serving the greater Abilene, Texas area from our Lueders location. For pricing and to arrange pick up, please call Kasie Trammel at 844.81.STONE Ext: 118. (1-844-817-8663 ext. 118)

Sieve Size % Retained Specification Meets Test Method
2 1/2" 0 0 Yes Tex-110-E
1 3/4" 0 0-10 Yes Tex-110-E
7/8" 14 10-35 Yes Tex-110-E
3/8" 45 30-65 Yes Tex-110-E
No. 4 62 45-75 Yes Tex-110-E
No. 40 88 65-90 Yes Tex-110-E


Test Results Specification Meets Test Method
Liquid Limit 18 40 Maximum Yes Tex-104-E
Plasticity Index 4 10 Maximum Yes Tex-106-E
Wetball 27 40 Maximum Yes Tex-116-E
Increase Passing No. 40 14 20 Maximum Yes Tex-116-E
Dry Density 134.6 N/A N/A Tex-113-E
% Optimum Moisture 8.8 N/A N/A Tex-113-E
Min. Comp. Strength, 0 PSI 32 35 Minimum No Tex-117-E
Min. Comp. Strength, 3 PSI 96 N/A N/A Tex-117-E
Min. Comp. Strength, 15 PSI 202 175 Minimum Yes Tex-117-E